Speaker's Speech

Nhistory of The Nantou County Council

The Hierarchy of Council System

The Power and Organization Meetings Councilor's Proposals Processed

Election of Speaker ,Deputy Speaker, and Councilors

Councilors Interduce


 Based upon the Laws of Local System and Organizationl Rules of County Councils in Taiwan, the Council are as
follows ¡G
The main functions of the Council are as follows¡G
1. To adopt county bylaws and regulations.
2. To approve county budget.
3. To approve county budget.
4. To approve disposal policies regarding county property.
5. To adopt rules governing the operations of organizations subsidiary to the county government.
6. To consider bills and proposals made by county government.
7. Toapprove a county budget and review the financial audit report.
8. To consider bills and proposals made by councilors.
9. To hear citizen petitions.
10. Other functions authorized by law.

1.Under the Council, there are four review committees, a procedural committee, a discipline committee and a special section.
1. 1stReview Commitee¡G

Toinspect proposals of Civil Affairs Bureau, Social Affairs Bureau, Land Administration Bureau, Department of lnformation , Aborigional Administration Bureau, Department of Administration, Secretarial Office, Personnel Office, Planning Office, Ethical Office, Land Registry Office, ldentification Registry Office, and County Council, etc.
II. 2ndReview Committee¡G

To inspect proposal of Bureau of Financial Affairs, Auditing Office, Police Office, Fire Fighting Office, and Tax Office, etc.
III. 3rdreview Committee¡G

To inspect proposals of City & Country Develop Bureau, Construction Bureau, Tourism Bureau, Watershed Management Bureau, Agriculture Bureau, Guarantine and Veterinary Station, and Meat Market Limited Company,etc.
IV. 4thReview Committee¡G

To inspect proposals of Bureau of Education, Bureau of Public Health, Bureau of Environmental Protection, Chronic
Disease prevention Station, Junior Middle Schools and Primary Schools, and Cultural Center,etc.
2.Procedural committee¡GTo review the scheduled agenda and authorize various proposals, people's petitions and other
matters to be discussed by the County Council.
3.Discipline Committee¡GTo deal with cases given by the Council regarding punishment, procedure, rule infractions, or
procedural obstructions.
4.Special Section¡GTe Special Section is formed when there are matters that require further information.
1.Their speech and voting are not responsible to the public whe in session, but the speech that are out of session affairs are not included.
2.Unless caught in the act of crime or arrested by ciocular order,they can not be arrested without authorization of the county council.



The Council has units as follow, and they responsible for their affairs.
Chief of Secretary 
There is a secretary general of the Council. The secretary general handles the affairs of the Council and directs the
staff by the order of the Speaker.
Office of Secretariat
There are three secretaries of the Council. They have to do affairs of the secretary by the order of the secretary  general.

Division of Agenda
Their works include election, editing meeting schedules , preparation of the meetings , keeping records , handing 
 proposals and people'plead and etc.
Division of General Affairs
Their works include documents , files , treasure , materials , cars , rooms , guard , safe , and welfare of the staff etc.
Division of Public Affairs
Their works include public relationship, information handing , news , expenditure of the councilors , councilor's inspection, activities, service , Publications and guidance of the Council etc.
Statute Office
Their works are about laws and institution.
Accounting Office
Their works include annual expenditures and income , accounting and statistice.
Personnel Office
Their works are presonnelaffairs.